Gephardt Cemetery


According to Sammy Tise this small cemetery has eleven markers. Among the unmarked graves are Henry Hill, who died in March 1883, and his wife, Sarah Alonzo Smith Hill. The cemetery was located on land that belonged to the Hill family from about 1875 - 1923. It is called the Gephart Cemetery, because Peter Gephart was the first person buried here. In Volume III of Lavaca County, Texas Cemetery Records, published in 1990, Sammy Tise wrote about the Hill Cemetery at Hope after being given information about Henry and Sarah Hill's graves by a descendant. He mentioned that it might be the same as the Gephart Cemetery and it is.

Pattie Smith Collins, who died in 1957, was the last person buried here according to Kristi Tuttle. To complicate the question about the cemetery's name, both Pattie Collins' and Sarah Hill's death certificates list their burial place as the Hope Cemetery. Going south on Hwy 77 at Hope, turn right on Lavaca County Road 413. The cemetery is on private property .6 miles on the right at the gate.

This annotated list of burials in the Johnson Cemetery was contributed by Regena Williamson.

Name Birth Death Notes:
Hill, Henry March 1883 Unmarked information from Susie Toal
Hill, Sarah Alonzo Smith July 4, 1846 May 15, 1923 daughter or Major Smith and Sarah Teal, unmarked information from Susie Toal
Keeper, Hugh F. January 25, 1879 October 21, 1888 son of J.H. and M A. Keeper
Kuhne, Dora July 02, 1819 March 01, 1899
Kuhne, Leonora M. February 04, 1874 September 22, 1885 parents H. F. and E.
Noble, Louise September 22, 1886 November 18, 1901
Pickens, Samuel August 13, 1882 December 25, 1884
No Name - 3 FHM
Noble, Wm. Calhoun Janaury 07, 1888 January 11, 1888 son of W. C. and L. C. Noble
Noble, Wm. Burt January 03, 1888 November 26, 1889 parents W. C. and L. C. Noble, obituary says he died March 26, 1889 at Ezell and is buried in the Hope Cemetery
Noble, Wes W. March 25, 1890 March 28, 1890 parents W. C. and L. C. Noble
Bij?u?ey, ???? December 20, 1871 December ??, 1879
Sumerlin, Elenezer November 15, 1828 December 01, 18?8 1828 or 1818 in Tise, not possible
Sumerlin, Clarra July 20, 1855 June 19, 1878