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Lavaca County was formed in 1842 as La Baca County from portions of Fayette, Colorado, Jackson, Victoria, and Gonzales counties. In 1846 the area was renamed Lavaca County. Hallettsville became the county seat in 1852, and by force of arms, liberated the county records from Petersburg, the other nominee for county seat.

Historical Markers

Categorized by vicinity with links to text and photographs

The Shiner Gazette

Searchable images of The Shiner Gazette from 1896 - 1911, are online at the Library of Congress Chronicling America web site. The Gazette contains many articles from all over the county, some of which were copied directly from the Hallettsville newspapers.

Herald and Planter

The Portal to Texas History has images of miscellaneous issues of the Herald and Planter during the years 1874-1878. It was published in Hallettsville. Enter Herald and Planter in the search engine at the top of the page.

Church Records

Links to some online church records, where to find others

Creeks and Their Namesakes

Descriptions and locations of creeks and rivers and, in some cases, the history of their names


Lavaca County military involvement throught the years, includes Confederate pension applications index and indigent families list and the WWII Flyers Downed in Lavaca County

The Handbook of Texas Online

Search for historic Lavaca County citizens, communities, organizations, and geographic features.
A feature of the Texas State Historical Association web site.

Sons of DeWitt Colony of Texas

Inquiries and anecdotes concerning residents and contributors to the area are solicited for posting in the DeWitt Colony Family History section. General discussion about the colony and its role in Texas history are solicited for the Feedback and Discussion section.

Tales from Lavaca County

Lavaca County history articles written by Brenda Lincke Fisseler and printed in the quarterly published by the Victoria County Genealogical Society


List of all Lavaca County post offices and their postmasters from 1847 - 1930


List of Lavaca County doctors in 1886 and 1896

Adjutant General's Report List of Fugitives from Justice

Entries include crime, date of crime, and description of criminal. Images of pages, including index, provided by Chris Morton at TXGenWeb site.

Lavaca County entries from 1878 Report on pages 71, 72 and 73 include the following: Atkinson, Aycock, Binkley, Bolivar, Brown, Carter, Cladonian, Cole, Cox, Criswell, Davis, Debord, Farmer, Franks, Garrett, Gause, Gonier, Gregory, Hanna, Harper, Harris, Harvell, Harvey, Hatchet, Hawks, Hawkins, Haynes, Hazel, Hitchcomb, Hodge, Hogan, Holt, Hughes, Insall, Isaacs, Kuykendall, Magee, Mangum, Mayo, McKnight, McMullen, McNeal, North, Pace, Parr, Philips, Porter, Robert, Roberts, Ryan, Samora, Scott, Skipton, Smith, Sowery, Steward, Walton, Warren, Webb, White, Williams, Wright, and Valentine. Index of images.

Lavaca County entries from 1891 on page 16 include Carrol, Miles, and Stork. Index of images.

Mansel Coffee's 1877 Notebook

Coffee, who lived near Hackberry, was county commissioner of precinct 2 from 1876-1877.
This abstract from the last twenty pages of his notebook includes some sort of census of children, contributed by Kathy Coffee Simmons.

Lavaca County Vital Records

Links to some online birth, marriage, death and divorce records, where to find others

Lavaca County Archives of USGenWeb Archives Project

Birth Indexes (1925 - 1995), Marriage Indexes (1966 - 2001), Divorce (1968 - 2001),
Death Indexes (1964-1999), Original Land Owners, Miscellaneous Data & Some Cemetery Listings

Old Homestead Historic Publishing

A great Lavaca County source for history books, local and otherwise.
Sammy Tise's cemetery books are for sale at this site.