Mount Zion Cemetery


This old cemetery located southwest of Worthing has at least twelve burials from the 1860s. The oldest marker is for Margaret Ellen Boyce who died August 3, 1860. It is believed that the Mt. Zion Methodist Church was located here until it burned in 1876. There are about thirty-five markers remaining in the cemetery, many of which are broken and/or off their bases. There are three crumbling fenced enclosures: one iron, one iron and wire, and a low stone and brick enclosure.

To visit the cemetery go south from Hallettsville on Hwy 77A. Cross Rocky Creek and turn right on CR 176. The cemetery is about one-half mile on the right.

Rox Ann Johnson photographed the cemetery on May 2, 2009 when it had been recently mowed. Click on each highlighted name below to see her photograph of the grave stones. Please contact Regena if you have additional information about this cemetery.

Marked Graves

Baggett, S. T.
Broken false crypt
Bates, ___
Broken marker in pile of rubble
Boyce, Camilla Humble
27 Mar 1825
16 Nov 1861
"Daughter of Mary & J. Humble"; "Consort of W. W. Boyce"; "Sacred to the memory of"; inside iron fence
Boyce, John Nixon
4 Oct 1856
19 Aug 1884
"Son of W. W. & Camilla Boyce"; Mason; inside iron fence
Boyce, Margaret Ellen
20 Jun 1852
3 Aug 1860
"Daughter of W. W. & Camilla"; "Sacred to the memory of"; inside iron fence
Boyce, W. W.
10 Aug 1813
22 May 1886
Husband of Camilla; Mason; broken obelisk inside iron fence
Clifton, ___
No marker; 12 Sep 1889 Halletsville Herald obituary states a Mr. Clifton was buried at Mt. Zion Cemetery
Cuthbert, C. M.
23 Jan 1851
19 Oct 1885
Marker leaned against base
Gage, Martha E.
17 Jan 1848
1 May 1874
From Sammy Tise's inventory [1]
Garrett, T. P.
18 ??? 1859
27 __y 1877
From Sammy Tise's inventory [1]; marker broken; probably Thomas Garrett, whose obituary ran in the 14 Jun 1877 Halletsville Planter
Grant, Civil Sloan
21 May 1836
29 May 1881
Grant, Peola Fillmore
6 May 1832
10 Jul 1881
Harwood, Eddy Dee
27 Jan 1861
12 Sep 1875
Inside rock and brick wall
Harwood, James
15 Oct 1826
29 Aug 1869
Mason; inside rock and brick enclosure
Haynes, Annie S.
14 Jan 1880
10 May 1890
"Daughter of Oliver B. & M. E. Haynes"; "In her 11th Year"; "Go Bloom in Heaven"; "Beautiful, lovely, she was but given A fair bud to earth to blossom in heaven"; marker off base; footstone with initials
Hull, Cornelius
1 Apr 1861
"Age 22 ys"; shares marker with other Hulls
Hull, Elizabeth
1 Apr 1869
"Age 58 ys"; shares marker with other Hulls
Hull, Margaret
1 Feb 1863
"Age 30 ys"; shares marker with other Hulls
Hull, Maxwell
1 May 1864
"Age 24 ys"; shares marker with other Hulls
Hull, Nelson
9 Apr 1877
"Age 67 ys"; shares marker with other Hulls
Humphryes, Wiley
12 Jan 1866
6 Feb 1872
Marker off base and broken
Jones, Mrs. L. ?
13 Oct 1837
May 1861
Dates from Sammy Tise's inventory [1]; broken false crypt
Martin, George L.
7 Sep 1847
9 Aug 1870
"22 yrs 11 mos 2dys"; inside rock and brick enclosure
Martin, Joshua E.
9 Oct 1806
24 Aug 1866
"59 yrs 10 mos 15 dys"; inside rock and brick enclosure
Martin, Margaret R.
11 Dec 1823
3 Jun 1903
"79 yrs 5 mos & 22 das"; inside rock and brick enclosure
Muckleroy, C. L.
10 Feb 1829
7 Dec 1884
Mason; "Thou art gone but not forgotten. The memories we love are of thee in kind words spoken, But alas thy voice is hushed—thy spirit above"; broken marker
Muckleroy, Mike
30 Oct 1854
18 Nov 1883
"Farewell"; broken marker
Norton, Samuel W.
19 Jul 1837
22 Dec 1864
"Died for the lost cause"; dates from Sammy Tise's inventory [1]; marker now broken
Pressly, Clara J.
10 Apr 1856
19 Jan 1874
Broken false crypt; footstone with initials
Pulliam, Rebeka
28 Nov 1811
14 Jan 1865
Broken false crypt; birth date possibly 1841
Pulliam, Wiley
15 Jan 1812
8 Jun 1881
Broken false crypt
Ross, D. C.
28 Jul 1818
10 Dec 1874
Mason; fallen marker and broken false crypt; second fallen marker
Tippett, Sarah Frances Boyce
8 Apr 1846
18 Feb 1870
Consort of A. M. Tippett; Daughter of W. W. & Camilla; inside iron fence; broken
Veal, Josephene A.
4 Apr 1848
27 Oct 1899
Marker off base
Veal, Rufus T.
22 Oct 1842
21 Dec 1890
Y., S. M. From Sammy Tise's inventory [1]

1. Sammy and Bertice Lee Tise inventoried the Mount Zion Cemetery in 1982 for Lavaca County, Texas Cemetery Records, Volume III. At that time they did not locate three markers that are still present in the cemetery.