Willowsburg Cemetery


There are about twenty-three markers in this old black cemetery, but some of those are funeral home markers that are illegible. The oldest marker found by Sammy Tise was for Augusta Mayfield who died 17 Mar 1911. He thought the cemetery must be much older than that because of two extremely large cedar trees and he also felt that there were many more unmarked graves. To get to the cemetery take 90-A east from Hallettsville to Sublime, turn left at CR 142 and drive about two miles, turn right on CR 143 and drive 1.4 miles, turn left on CR 144 and go about .2 mile, turn right on CR 138 and drive 4.7 miles. The road goes straight onto CR 140 (unmarked?), but CR 138 turns left and becomes CR 139. Go straight on CR 140. At the first right turn there will be a lane that goes straight. Go up this lane about one-half mile. The cemetery is on the left where the fence ends. It is in a yaupon thicket and cannot be seen from the lane. There is a big hay meadow on the opposite side of the lane.

Regena Williamson helped Sammy Tise survey the cemetery and contributed this list of graves. She found mention of additional unmarked graves on death certificates. If you know of others buried in the Willowsburg Cemetery, please contact Regena.

Marked Graves

E., W.
initials on footstone
Bryant, Bettie 1 Nov 1877 4 Jan 1951 Daughter of Gloster Bryant and Katy Hazel; unmarked, info from death certificate
Bryant, Earen c. 1868 2 Apr 1933 Married Maggie Bryant; unmarked, info from death certificate
Foster, Charlie
no dates
Gilbert, John 15 Jul 1897 28 Sep 1924 son of John Gilbert; unmarked, info from death certificate
H___, Walis
2 May 1938
Jones, Malisia
2 May 1938
age 57 y 7 m 1 d
Jones, Ora 30 Dec 1908 10 Aug 1956 Daughter of John Jones and Lucy Lemons; unmarked, info from death certificate
L., E.
initials on back of field stone
Lemons, Boyd 8 Nov 1885 17 Mar 1948 Son of Hamp Lemons and Babey Brown; unmarked, info from death certificate
Mayfield, Ann c. 1840 30 Apr 1930 Married Calvin Mayfield; unmarked, info from death certificate
Mayfield, Augusta
Dec 1863
17 Mar 1911
Mayfield, Ida
23 Oct 1916
Payne, Laura
10 Nov 1927
age 50; Atres Laura Payne
Tillmon, Charlie no dates
Ward, Adline 25 Jan 1897 24 Jan 1929
Ward, Vince III 4 Dec 1910 17 Apr 1946 Son of Vince Ward, Sr. and Fannie Foley; marker gives month of death as March
Williams, Louisa Bryant ca 1880 22 Oct 1930 No marker; info from death certificate: 50 years, 7 months, 2days, parents were G. R. Bryant and Kate Hazel; husband was Williams Williams; died at Oakland, Colorado Co, TX