Fuller Cemetery


The Fuller Cemetery was surveyed by Norma Casey who also provided the following information and photographs.

The Fuller Cemetery is located on CR 132 in Lavaca County. This is a family cemetery located on private property. The cemetery is still in use and is fenced and well kept. The oldest marked grave is for James William Strode who died between 1895 and 1900.

The survey below was completed on April 29, 2004. Also incuded is a list of burials from the family who owns the Fuller Cemetery. Iron crosses and granite headstones are in this cemetery. Some graves are marked with iron crosses and headstones. Footstones are also used. Veterans are buried there. The spellings used are as they appear on the markers.

Pictures of the cemetery and of the markers are on the Texas Tombstone Project of the Texas Archives. A copy of this survey and of the list of burials provided by the family of the Fuller Cemetery are listed with the Texas Archives Cemetery Survey Project. The survey, burial list and pictures are also at the Friench Simpson Memorial Library in Hallettsville, Texas.

In Lavaca County, Texas Cemeteries, Sammy Tise gives the following directions to the cemetery: Go west on 90-A out of Sublime, cross the Navidad River and take the first road to the left. Go until this road tees into another one and turn right. The cemetery is on the right about 1.3 miles. There is a sign on the gate about who to call about getting a key to the cemetery.

Marked Graves

Name Birth Death Notes
J. D. Brown's Arm
Fred Delcroy's Baby
Mexican Baby
Iron Cross (can't read)
Iron Cross (can't read)
C. F. Fuller's Baby (#1)
C. F. Fuller's Baby (#2)
Mamie Frances Brown Sept. 21, 1907 Jan. 27, 1987
Lester L. Warburton, Sr. Aug. 26, 1916 June 15, 1990
Iron Cross (can't read)
Till Warburton's Baby
John Warburton
James William Strode July 26, 1811 1895-1900 iron cross says: Grandpa Strodes
William Hopkin's Baby
James Alton Myrick Aug. 25, 1983 Aug. 25, 1983
Charles "Chuck" Brown Jan. 1, 1974 May 18, 1980
Flora Horner Sprinkle Feb. 8, 1880 Jan. 22, 1917
Rud. Loetsch
Gustoff Loetsch
Hugo Loetsch
Willie Denison 1914 1994
John Fuller's DAU Linnie
John Fuller's DAU Baby
Sara Ann Frances Fuller Henry Sept. 25, 1909 June 2, 1967 headstone & iron cross, Fannie Fuller on the iron cross
Willie Fuller Oct. 6, 1904 Aug. 3, 1980 PVT US Army WWII
Billie L. Denison Mar. 4, 1935 Sept. 26, 1990
Harles A. Gottschald Mar. 2, 1943 June 5, 1999
Mrs. Linny Ann Smith
Tommie Smith
Mrs. Cardel
Ed Rutlege's Baby
M. F. ??? broken stones
Janice Elaine Johnson Mar. 2, 1951 Oct. 9, 2001
Clint Woodward
Milley E. Lee-Baby
Sadie Lee June 2, 1906 Sept. 5, 1906
Texana Roland
Martin Roland's Baby
Bud Fuller Nov. 2, 1878 Nov. 2, 1957
Mrs. Celia Fuller Feb. 28, 1874 Sept. 12, 1939
Bettie Chatman Mar. 27, 1880 April 25, 1914
Alfred Fuller May 30, 1847 Sept. 5, 1932
Joan Fuller Sept. 1, 1870 July 15, 1935
John Fuller Jan. 24, 1876 July 15, 1935
Milley Emline Lee June 15, 1876 May 4, 1903
Maggie Fuller July 11, 1861 Dec. 17, 1904
Fanie Fuller Sept. 15, 1847 Jan. 16, 1904
Martin Roland 18??? 19???
Elizabeth Elvert 1838 Mar. 14, 1927 89 years
Lucinda Warburton Dec. 16, 1862 June 25, 1946
Sam Warburton Nov. 5, 1885 Nov. 22, 1958
Claud Warburton Sept. 20, 1919

List of Burials Provided by Fuller Family

April 28, 2004

J. D. Broman's arm
Fred Delcroy's baby
Mexican baby
Willie Denison
Bud Fuller
Mrs. Bud Celia Fuller
Mrs. Bettie Chatman
John Fuller's daughter Linnie
John Fuller's baby daughter
Alfred Fuller
Mrs. Joan John Fuller
John Fuller
Fannie Henry
Mrs. Fannie Fuller
Willie Fuller
Mrs. Maggie Fuller
Billy L. Denison
Milley Emline Lee
Mrs. Cardell
Tommie Smith
Mrs. Liddy Ann Smith
Harles Gottschald
Clint Woodward
Ed Rutlege's baby
Milley Emline Lee's baby
C. F. Fuller's baby
C. F. Fuller's baby
Martin Roland's Baby
Martin Roland
Elizabeth (Betty) Fuller Roland Elverty
Texana Roland
Lucinda Warburton
Sam Warburton
Lester Warburton
Mamie Brown
Claud Warburton
Till Warburton's baby
John Warburton
Grandpa Strodes
William Hopkin's baby
Hugo Loetsch
Gustoff Loetsch
Rudolph Loetsch
Mrs. A. L. Sprinkles
Charles R. Brown, Jr.
James Alton Myrick

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